Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mostly Good Girls Review!!!

Mostly Good Girls

"Mostly Good Girls" by: Leila Sales


"Mostly Good Girls" is about a girl named Violet. Violet is a smart, funny, nice, and a fun girl. She goes to Westfield School, which is a all girl school. Her best friend's name is Katie and Katie has it all, she's rich,smart, and etc. Violet try's for her junior year to Get good grades, get here driver licences, do projects with Katie, and make her crush (Scott Walsh) fall in love with her. Everything was going well until alot of things get messes up. Her friend Katie and her get into lots of fights and Katie gets a boyfriend that Violet hates. Then, her crush Scott Walsh has a girlfriend, and she gets bad PSAT's scores. Can Violet turn everything around so it will work out the way she wants, or will she move on from her problems? Well Read "Mostly Good Girls" to figure out what happens.

My opinion of the Book "Mostly Good Girls" is that i liked it alot. I would say it was a great book for teens to read, and i'm a teen and i loved it! I would recommend anyone to read it maybe 13 and up ages. So check it out and you'll love it! Also i would love to say congrats to author Leila Sales for this being her first book!

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  1. This sounds awesome; imma definately have to read it! lol

    You should update ur blog so i know what else i wanna read haha


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