Thursday, February 3, 2011

"The Absent Author" review!!!

"The Absent Author" By: Ron Roy


"The Absent Author" is about a boy named Dink. Dink writes to his favorite author Wallis Wallace, to tell him about there small little town and how much everyone likes his books! Wallis Wallace gets the letter and says he'll come to Green Lawn, and sign books at the local Book Nook. But, on the day he should be signing books, he's not there. Dink, and his two best friends Josh and Ruth Rose go on a mission to find the missing author. Do they find Wallis Wallace? OR Wallis Wallace is no where to be found? Read "The Absent Author" to find out what happens!

For the book "The Absent Author" i would say it is a great book but not for the teens age group. It was great to read but i think it is for ages 10 to 14. But i still would suggest to you to check it out cause even though im a little older i actually really liked it!

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