Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sugar Sugar!

book cover

Review- December 2010

Hello, everyone.

I finally finished the book Sugar Sugar by author Carole Wilkinson. Sugar Sugar is a bout a girl name Jackie who leaves here hometown Australia, with a dream of becoming a World-Famous fashion designer.She knows where she is going and how she is going to get there but, after a weekend in Paris everything is gone of track. She lost her fashion folio, ends up in a place that isn't even on a map, and lots more. Soon, she finds herself going in a new direction, that she likes and takes her chances in the new direction and hopes it works out. Honestly, when i first started reading it i didn't like that much, but after about 70 pages i started to get into the story and then i loved it. I would rate it a 3 1/2, so i hope you guys at least try to read and enjoy it! You will start to get into it after you start reading so take a chance! Visit the website, to learn more about the artist, book, and more stuff.

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