Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Avalon High - movie Review

The new Disney Channel movie, Avalon High is most definatley a must see for all ages! Allie has recently moved to a new school, where she starts having severer dreams about her riding a horse in midevil times. Through a school project, she learns about the Order of The Bear, the thought that King Arthor will one day be reincarnated. When she asks her parents about it (her parents wrote the textbook they are using in school), she finds out that the Order of the Bear is the whole reason they moved here! Upon discovering a secret page in the book, she finds out the reincarnation will happen that Friday night, at the school football game, during an eclipse and metor shower, something that only happens once every thousand or so years. But who she thinks is Arthur, and who she thinks is Mordred, are not who they are.
To find out who is who, check out Avalon High, now playing on Disney Channel!

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