Saturday, October 16, 2010

Swoon At Your Own Risk!

Title- Swoon At Your Own Risk
Author- Sydney Salter

This book is a very Amazing book to read. It tells a Fantastic story about a girl named Polly that goes through alot. 
"Swoon At Your Own Risk" is about A girl named Polly Martin, who goes through alot of dating disasters through her junior year of school and can't take it no more. So This summer she has sworn off boys. Polly wants to focus on getting through her Summer job at Wild Waves Western-themed Water park with happening to work with her Ex Sawyer Holmes. She is gonna finally focus on her self for once. Also, her Grandma also know as, Miss Swoon from her advice columns in the newspaper, moves in. So this summer Polly goes through alot of things like, Going camping with 3 ex's and the guy she likes, trying to stop herself from falling in love with new and improved Xander Cooper, and trying to not let boys get involved with her relationship with her best friend Jane. 
Go check out "Swoon At Your Own Risk" at your nearest book store, etc.   

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