Thursday, September 2, 2010

A interview with author Sydney Salter!!

Interview- September 2010

1.What is a special item that only you need to write a book or story?

I’m really careful about avoiding rituals (aka excuses not to write). But I do collect a few little items to keep on my desk while I write—a little frame with inspirational quotes, a miniature beach in a tube, a little crocheted owl…Fun stuff to keep me company while I write.

2.What is your book My Big Nose And Other Natural Disasters, about?

Seventeen-year-old Jory Michaels wakes up on the first day of summer vacation with her same old big nose, no passion in her life (in the creative sense of the word), and all signs still pointing to her dying a virgin. In spite of her driving record (it was an accident!), Jory gets a job delivering flowers and cakes to Reno’s casinos and wedding chapels. She also comes up with a new summer goal: saving for a life-altering nose job. She and her new nose will attract a fabulous boyfriend. Jory survives various summer disasters like doing yoga after sampling Mom’s Cabbage Soup Diet, enforced-mother-bonding-with-crazy-nose-obsessed-daughter night, and discovering Tyler’s big secret. But will she learn to accept herself and maybe even find her passion, in the creative (AND romantic!) sense of the word?

3.tell us about your family.

I live with my husband, a pediatrician, eleven and fourteen-year-old daughters, and a variety of pets: dogs, cats, tortoises, a bearded dragon, and a goldfish. My extended family—especially my mom—is just crazy enough to constantly supply good writing material.

4.What are your upcoming projects?

Right now I’m finishing up revisions on a book about an art prodigy who wants to keep her work private, but her museum-curator father hangs them in an exhibit—and her whole life changes. 

5.If you had to give something to any charity which one would it be?

I love charities that deal with literacy issues (if you can read, you can educate yourself), so I’d donate to Room To Read, an organization that builds libraries throughout the world.

6.Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

Teen readers often tell me about their body image issues, or just write about how much they enjoyed reading my books. Older readers will often ask for writing and publishing advice. No matter what, I love hearing from readers!

7.What was the first book you wrote?

Okay, other than My Fish Book, which I wrote and illustrated at age 6, Jungle Crossing is the first novel I wrote. But I sold my fourth novel first! It took me a lot of writing practice to make that first manuscript publishable. I never gave up on that story though.

8.I see you write in a diary, do you ever get writers block while writing in the diary?

I never put any pressure on my diary entries—and, yes, plenty of them say something like “boring day,” “too tired to write,” “nothing much happened today.” But I usually find something a little more interesting to say.

9.What do you like to do when you're not writing?

Travel! But most of the time I’m home reading and cooking (I love to try new recipes), going to movies or concerts, and hanging out with friends.

10.Thank You! What else would you like to say or have me post?

Thank you so much! You have no idea how much we authors appreciate you bloggers J

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