Monday, September 20, 2010

Interview with Author Nina de Gramont!

Interview-September 2010

1.Out of all the books you wrote, which one mean't alot to You?
They all mean a lot to me in different ways, but I think I'm most emotional about the essay I wrote for Choice, an anthology I edited.  It's about a very painful experience I went through, a miscarriage.  In ways it feels like the strongest connection I'll ever have to that lost child.  Otherwise, I tend to feel most attached to my most recent book.

 2.What is your new book, Every Little Thing In The World about?

A very smart sixteen-year-old girl named Sydney who finds herself unintentionally pregnant.  Before she has a chance to decide what to do, her parents send her to a wildnerness camp in Canada.  She has four weeks to really think about her situation, and to
 discover herself in a completely new environment.

 3.Do you get more emails from blog people or fans of your books?

The blogs still feel pretty new to me, so I would say fans of my books.

 4.Where where you born?

Englewood, N.J.

 5.What are your upcoming projects?

My next book is a young adult novel tentatively titled Meet Me at the River.  It is scheduled for release in 2012 with Atheneum.

 6.When and why did you begin writing?

I've always written and told stories, from a very young age.  I think I started writing because I loved reading, and I kept it up because people I respected -- my parents, teachers, and best friends -- told me I was good at it. 

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7.What book are you currently reading?
I just finished a wonderful novel by Suzanne Berne called The Ghost at the Table.  I've started Three Junes by Julia Glass but am only just wading into it.  Seems great so far!

8.Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I think I just always loved stories and books.  I was the kind of kid who could read the same novel over and over again until the characters felt like old friends.  I'm a big fan of this kind of reading, if you lose yourself in books long enough, eventually you start to have a running narrative in your head.

 9.What's your fav. color?

My seven-year-old daughter persists in asking me this question, and because I am no good at choosing favorites I always say I like every color equally.  According to her this means my favorite color is rainbow.

 10.Thank You!!! What else would you like to say or have me post?

Whatever you'd like to Autumn.  Thanks for your interest and good luck with your blog!


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