Monday, September 13, 2010

Interview With Author Charles Benoit!

Interview-September 2010

1.What does your family think of your writing?

The ones I keep in touch with think it's interesting and a few are surprised that I had it in me. The ones who've read my books (and that's not many of them, although they'll say they did) have liked them, but you really can't trust a family member to give it to you straight, can you?  They always ask me if I put them in my books. I tell them that if they find a really great character they like, that was them. Oh, and all of my family thinks I'm rich now.  

2.How many days till your birthday?
As of 8/25, there are 135 days. Most are shopping days so plan accordingly! 

3.What is your book You, about?
That is a hard one. In a word I'd say it's about choices. Or fate. Or responsibility. Or evil. What's far more interesting is what readers think the book is about. That's where meaning is created.  

4.How long as a kid did it take you to know you wanted to be a writer?
About 35 years. As a kid I wanted to be a game show host and I would practice by pretending everything I was doing was part of the show. I'd put on my game show host voice and walk around the house introducing my imaginary guests - "She's a part-time underwater welder who collects used Popsicle sticks, from Squeadunk, Georgia, please welcome Ida Winner." I guess that's where I first started to learn to create characters and give them detailed back stories. It had the added benefit of really annoying my sisters. In high school I thought I was going to be a forest ranger (even though I didn't like camping or hiking or the outdoors, really), and after high school I was going to be a policeman (liked the uniform), then a radio DJ (I have a face for radio), then a landscaper (can not grow dirt). I spent 3 years in the army, then went to college to be a history teacher. I started writing when my wife and I were teaching in Kuwait. Writing was a way of passing the time and, what do you know, I liked it. I still do the game show host voice a lot (ask my wife), and if they need me to host Wipeout, I'm ready! 

5.What do you think makes a good story?
Characters you care about. Give me a well written character and I'll read about anything.  

6.Thank you! What else would you like to say or have me post?
Don't wait for someone to tell you to be a writer. You don't need another class or a degree or a book or anybody's permission. If you want to write, write. 

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