Monday, September 20, 2010

Interview with Author Nina de Gramont!

Interview-September 2010

1.Out of all the books you wrote, which one mean't alot to You?
They all mean a lot to me in different ways, but I think I'm most emotional about the essay I wrote for Choice, an anthology I edited.  It's about a very painful experience I went through, a miscarriage.  In ways it feels like the strongest connection I'll ever have to that lost child.  Otherwise, I tend to feel most attached to my most recent book.

 2.What is your new book, Every Little Thing In The World about?

A very smart sixteen-year-old girl named Sydney who finds herself unintentionally pregnant.  Before she has a chance to decide what to do, her parents send her to a wildnerness camp in Canada.  She has four weeks to really think about her situation, and to
 discover herself in a completely new environment.

 3.Do you get more emails from blog people or fans of your books?

The blogs still feel pretty new to me, so I would say fans of my books.

 4.Where where you born?

Englewood, N.J.

 5.What are your upcoming projects?

My next book is a young adult novel tentatively titled Meet Me at the River.  It is scheduled for release in 2012 with Atheneum.

 6.When and why did you begin writing?

I've always written and told stories, from a very young age.  I think I started writing because I loved reading, and I kept it up because people I respected -- my parents, teachers, and best friends -- told me I was good at it. 

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7.What book are you currently reading?
I just finished a wonderful novel by Suzanne Berne called The Ghost at the Table.  I've started Three Junes by Julia Glass but am only just wading into it.  Seems great so far!

8.Do you recall how your interest in writing originated?

I think I just always loved stories and books.  I was the kind of kid who could read the same novel over and over again until the characters felt like old friends.  I'm a big fan of this kind of reading, if you lose yourself in books long enough, eventually you start to have a running narrative in your head.

 9.What's your fav. color?

My seven-year-old daughter persists in asking me this question, and because I am no good at choosing favorites I always say I like every color equally.  According to her this means my favorite color is rainbow.

 10.Thank You!!! What else would you like to say or have me post?

Whatever you'd like to Autumn.  Thanks for your interest and good luck with your blog!


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Pretty Little liar's- Season 2!!!

A all new Season of Pretty Little Liar's will be coming in January 2011!! Season 2 will be more mystery's,issues,and excitement!This season will be great and i can't wait to see what happens to Hanna! 
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Interview With Author Charles Benoit!

Interview-September 2010

1.What does your family think of your writing?

The ones I keep in touch with think it's interesting and a few are surprised that I had it in me. The ones who've read my books (and that's not many of them, although they'll say they did) have liked them, but you really can't trust a family member to give it to you straight, can you?  They always ask me if I put them in my books. I tell them that if they find a really great character they like, that was them. Oh, and all of my family thinks I'm rich now.  

2.How many days till your birthday?
As of 8/25, there are 135 days. Most are shopping days so plan accordingly! 

3.What is your book You, about?
That is a hard one. In a word I'd say it's about choices. Or fate. Or responsibility. Or evil. What's far more interesting is what readers think the book is about. That's where meaning is created.  

4.How long as a kid did it take you to know you wanted to be a writer?
About 35 years. As a kid I wanted to be a game show host and I would practice by pretending everything I was doing was part of the show. I'd put on my game show host voice and walk around the house introducing my imaginary guests - "She's a part-time underwater welder who collects used Popsicle sticks, from Squeadunk, Georgia, please welcome Ida Winner." I guess that's where I first started to learn to create characters and give them detailed back stories. It had the added benefit of really annoying my sisters. In high school I thought I was going to be a forest ranger (even though I didn't like camping or hiking or the outdoors, really), and after high school I was going to be a policeman (liked the uniform), then a radio DJ (I have a face for radio), then a landscaper (can not grow dirt). I spent 3 years in the army, then went to college to be a history teacher. I started writing when my wife and I were teaching in Kuwait. Writing was a way of passing the time and, what do you know, I liked it. I still do the game show host voice a lot (ask my wife), and if they need me to host Wipeout, I'm ready! 

5.What do you think makes a good story?
Characters you care about. Give me a well written character and I'll read about anything.  

6.Thank you! What else would you like to say or have me post?
Don't wait for someone to tell you to be a writer. You don't need another class or a degree or a book or anybody's permission. If you want to write, write. 

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Currently Reading!!!

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Just to keep you all on task with me, the book i am currently reading is called " Swoon at your own risk" by author Sydney Salter!!!So far i love it, so keep coming back to the site and checking it out to here a review about it soon!!!! Thanks!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Interview with Artist Carolyn Enz Hack!!

Interview- August 2010

1.When is your birthday?

 August 21, 1961

 2.What materials did you have to use to make your painting, Autumn Trees? 
Oil on Canvas

3.What do you dislike about the art world?

4.What jobs have you done other than being an artist? 
Theater Scenic Designer, Videographer,  National Baking Instructor for the King Arthur Flour Company, UPS Driver, Data Entry for a GPS company, Preparator for a Museum, Teacher, Scenic Artist, Waitress, Dog Kennel Caretaker, Babysitter

5.Do you have any of your Artwork appearing in any shows soon?
 The 23rd Annual Art at the Coach Barn Exhibition which is a juried show at Shelburne Farms in Shelburne, Vt. that runs from Sept 23rd-Oct 24th. In November and December I will have a solo exhibition at the Vermont State Courthouse in Montpelier, Vt.

6.Your art work is great! How long did it take you to complete your painting, Pond Ripples? 
Thanks! "Pond Ripples" was took a little over a month to complete in 2009. I always have more than one painting going at a time so it's hard to say the exact amount of time that I spend on any one painting. Once a painting gets to a certain point I like to hang it up and take time to consider the final touches.

7.Name three artists you’d like to be compared to.
 I can't paint like any of my heroes. I hope that when people view my paintings that it doesn't remind them of someone else's work, that they just focus on the painting in front of them.

8.What themes do you pursue? 
My work now is landscape seen in close-up. I want to explore the intricacy of pattern, texture, and color in nature.

9.What upcoming artwork are you working on? 
Right now I have two paintings on my easels. A "portrait" of Queen Anne's Lace and a scene of a sailing vessel headed for harbor. The sailing subject is something that I haven't tried before but was inspired by trips to Maine.

10.Thank you! What else would you like to say or have me post?
 There is so much miraculous beauty in nature. I use my own close observations as a starting point for creating detailed portraits of the rich ever-changing cycles of nature.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Interview with Author Judson Roberts!

interview- September 2010

1.As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

When I was a child, that was a very difficult question for me because I didn't have any idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. Perhaps my lack of any clear vision in that area is why, as an adult, I've tried so many things, including service in the military, police officer, federal agent with Naval Intelligence, prosecutor, and defense attorney. For a little while I even worked as a private detective, and now, of course, I'm a writer.

2.What is your book Dragons from the Sea about?

Dragons from the Sea is the second book in a series called The Strongbow Saga, which is about a young Dane in the mid 9th century named Halfdan who, although he was born a slave, becomes a Viking warrior and embarks on a great quest to avenge a treacherous murder. In Dragons from the Sea, Halfdan joins a Viking expedition that invades the western kingdom of the Franks, the part of Europe that today makes up most of France. Both Dragons and book 3 of the series, The Road to Vengeance, are set within that campaign, which actually happened, although the character of Halfdan, and his role in the campaign, are fiction.

It is a bit ironic that you should ask about that book, as the publisher took it out of print earlier this year. However, I will be republishing a new edition of it within the next month or so.

3.What was the first book you ever wrote?

Like many authors, the first book I wrote never got published--for that matter, the second and third books I wrote didn't get published, either. My first book was a mystery/thriller set in Arizona, and drew heavily on my experiences as an organized crime prosecutor in that state.

4.Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

J.R.R. Tolkien is my favorite author, because The Lord of the Rings has been my favorite book ever since I first read it back when I was in high school. One of the things I most love about it--a characteristic I've tried to emulate in my own books--is the way Tolkien created such a vivid world in which he set his story, so that the world seemed real, and how his characters are so vividly created they come alive for the reader, and you care deeply about what happens to them.

5.What books have most influenced your life?

Three of the books that have most influenced my life and ambitions as a writer are The Lord of the Rings by Tolkien, Shogun by James Clavell, and Watership Down by Richard Adams. Although the stories in each are very different, each book has the qualities I love to experience when I'm reading: the world and the characters become real to me, and I'm totally swept into the story.

6.What advice would you give to writers just starting out?

Above all, don't get discouraged, and practice, practice, practice! It takes time and work, and usually a lot of rejection and setbacks, to become a good writer and a good storyteller.

7.Tell us about your upcoming projects?

I'm currently in the middle of writing a Viking era novel set in Ireland around the year 840 C.E. The title is The Beast of Dublin. In some ways it's a little bit of a prequel to The Strongbow Saga because a number of the characters in it also play major roles in the series, which takes place about five years later. As soon as I finish that book, I'll turn to writing the fourth book in the Strongbow Saga--a task I was prevented from doing for several years because my former publisher had the rights to the rest of the series tied up until recently.

8.Thank You! What else would you like to say or have me post?

Good luck with your new website!

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A interview with author Sydney Salter!!

Interview- September 2010

1.What is a special item that only you need to write a book or story?

I’m really careful about avoiding rituals (aka excuses not to write). But I do collect a few little items to keep on my desk while I write—a little frame with inspirational quotes, a miniature beach in a tube, a little crocheted owl…Fun stuff to keep me company while I write.

2.What is your book My Big Nose And Other Natural Disasters, about?

Seventeen-year-old Jory Michaels wakes up on the first day of summer vacation with her same old big nose, no passion in her life (in the creative sense of the word), and all signs still pointing to her dying a virgin. In spite of her driving record (it was an accident!), Jory gets a job delivering flowers and cakes to Reno’s casinos and wedding chapels. She also comes up with a new summer goal: saving for a life-altering nose job. She and her new nose will attract a fabulous boyfriend. Jory survives various summer disasters like doing yoga after sampling Mom’s Cabbage Soup Diet, enforced-mother-bonding-with-crazy-nose-obsessed-daughter night, and discovering Tyler’s big secret. But will she learn to accept herself and maybe even find her passion, in the creative (AND romantic!) sense of the word?

3.tell us about your family.

I live with my husband, a pediatrician, eleven and fourteen-year-old daughters, and a variety of pets: dogs, cats, tortoises, a bearded dragon, and a goldfish. My extended family—especially my mom—is just crazy enough to constantly supply good writing material.

4.What are your upcoming projects?

Right now I’m finishing up revisions on a book about an art prodigy who wants to keep her work private, but her museum-curator father hangs them in an exhibit—and her whole life changes. 

5.If you had to give something to any charity which one would it be?

I love charities that deal with literacy issues (if you can read, you can educate yourself), so I’d donate to Room To Read, an organization that builds libraries throughout the world.

6.Do you hear from your readers much? What kinds of things do they say?

Teen readers often tell me about their body image issues, or just write about how much they enjoyed reading my books. Older readers will often ask for writing and publishing advice. No matter what, I love hearing from readers!

7.What was the first book you wrote?

Okay, other than My Fish Book, which I wrote and illustrated at age 6, Jungle Crossing is the first novel I wrote. But I sold my fourth novel first! It took me a lot of writing practice to make that first manuscript publishable. I never gave up on that story though.

8.I see you write in a diary, do you ever get writers block while writing in the diary?

I never put any pressure on my diary entries—and, yes, plenty of them say something like “boring day,” “too tired to write,” “nothing much happened today.” But I usually find something a little more interesting to say.

9.What do you like to do when you're not writing?

Travel! But most of the time I’m home reading and cooking (I love to try new recipes), going to movies or concerts, and hanging out with friends.

10.Thank You! What else would you like to say or have me post?

Thank you so much! You have no idea how much we authors appreciate you bloggers J

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