Monday, August 23, 2010

King Of The ScrewUps!!

This novel by K.L. Going is One of the best Books i read in a while!!! I loved it so much that i wished there was a series. I read it in 2 days and it has 300 hundred pages, Now that tells how good this book is and explains that you should defiantly check it out!The King Of The ScrewUps is about A teenager boy names Liam Geller and he is known as Mr. popularity.He Is excellent at sports, Gets all the hot girls, and knows the right style of clothes to wear , Except one thing he always has a way to make his dad furious at him by screwing up everything! After all the chances he has to make his dad not to be furious at him he blows all his chances and his dad is finally kicking him out till he learn's his lesson.His dad once's him to go to to his grandarents house put his mom has already set up things with his "Aunt" Pete because his parents don't like Liam or his mom.So she makes these plans and the father doesn't no.So now he has to live with his "Aunt" Pete for a while and it doesn't seem to please him.But just then a idea sprang out at him saying this is the best chance to prove to his dad that he can be how his dad ones him to be.But for Liam to become a nerd, that doesn't work out the best and his "Aunt" Pete sees him for the real him! So now Liam has to make choices who he onces to be and runs into issues and problems along the way!So check it out in a store and read and you'll see what ends up happening!!

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