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Interview with Author Terry Trueman!

 Terry Trueman '06 Photo
Interview-August 2010

1.Do you travel alot for your books?
TT: I travel alot on account of my books. I visit a lot of schools and public libraries, sometimes go into bookstores etc. This is all part of the business of being an author.

Stuck In Neutral 2.In your book Inside Out, What does Zach experience in his mind?
TT: Zach was meant to be portrayed as a somewhat 'typical' person of his age struggling with the devestating illness of schizophrenia.

 Mark Twain: An Illustrated Biography Cover3.What book are you reading now?
TT: I'm awaiting a first big line-edited treatment of my new novel LIFE HAPPENS NEXT a genuine sequel to STUCK IN NEUTRAL. It's hard for me to read much when I'm anxious to get to work. But I've recently been re-reading the Ken Burns et al illustrated biography of Mark Twain. Very great book about a true American icon.

 4.What college did you go to?
TT: A number of them but my B.A. was from the University of Washington and both my masters degrees weere from Eastrern Washington State University

 No Right Turn Cover Image5.In your book No Right Turn, What do they do wrong?
TT: Hmmmm? Have you read the book? It seems to me that nobody does anything 'wrong'. 

 Stuck In Neutral6.What was the first book you wrote?
TT: The first published novel from a big NY publisher and sent all over the world/USA was STUCK IN NEUTRAL.

 7.If you had to for some reason have to stop writing could you?
TT: of course and anybody who says they can't/couldn't is lying to you or to themselves or both. I'll never quit writing voluntarily but if I had to I could. I've accomplished more than I ever dreamed I would and have a body of work of which I am proud and that I feel can stand on its own. :):)

 8.What inspires you to write?
TT: It's a pure joy to write when it's going well and it's better than pretty much anything else even when it's NOT going so well.

 9.What projects are you working on?
TT: As mentioned earlier, I'm working on a sequel to STUCK IN NEUTRAL that I hope will come out sometime in 2011.

 10.Thank You! What else would you like to say or have me post?
TT: Thanks for your questions and for your interest in me and my work. If you think of anything else youd like to ask, don't hesitate. 

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