Thursday, August 5, 2010

A interview with Author Robert Lipsyte!

Interview- August 2010

1.When is your birthday?
January 16. I'm a Capricorn. Born in a Chinese year of the fire ox. Watch

The Ask by Sam Lipsyte.2.What book are you reading now?
THE ASK, by Sam Lipsyte, my son. Re-reading, actually. Everytime I read it
again I get more of the dark hilarity of the novel.

3.Have any of your book's been made into movies?
Both THE CONTENDER and ONE FAT SUMMER were optioned, but nothing on screen yet.

4.What was the hardest part of writing your book,The Brave?
Checking locales - even though I had been in nasty Manhattan
neighborhoods, Indian reservations and boxing gyms as a New York Times
sportswriter and a CBS correspondent, I kept going back to make sure I got
it right. It was fun.

5.Do you enjoy being a author?
I love every part of it, especially sitting in a corner making stuff up.

6.Does your book Yellow Flag,Relate to any certain nascar driver?
Since the hero of Yellow Flag is a kid in a famous NASCAR family, parts of
him probably evoke the Pettys, Earnhardts, Waltrips, Wallaces, etc. But he
wasn't based on any one person. I covered NASCAR for several years for the

7.Have you ever wrote in a journal or wrote your own?
Funny you should ask. My memoir "An Accidental Sportswriter" comes out
next year from HarperCollins.

8.How many rejections did you get before you found an agent?
I was lucky. My first agent, Sterling Lord, was teaching at Columbia
Journalism School when I went there and he represented me on the basis of
some magazine articles I wrote for his class.

9.What are your current projects?
The memoir, a TV show I host on PBS, LIFE(Part2. And I'm always working on
a new YA novel.

10.Thank You!What else do you wan to say to your fan's or want me to
For any of your fans who want to write, I'd say READ - everything
(especially what Autumn tells you to read, of course)but just as a young
athlete watches old pros to get tips, young writers should be looking to
learn and steal from the best. And then WRITE and RE-WRITE and never give

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