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A interview With Author Kate Cann!

Kate Cann
Interview-August 2010

1. What series or book that you wrote was your favorite ,And Why? 
Ask any author that and they'll nearly always say the last book that they wrote, because they're still so involved in it. And I did love writing Possessed and its sequel,Consumed, I got absolutely absorbed in imagining the dark past of Morton’s Keep and how it could seep dangerously into the present. I loved feisty Rayne as a character, too. I’m also very fond of my first books, the Diving In series.  

2. How much time do you take to finish a book usually? 
About a year all told. But probably only nine months of that is serious writing – you have to plan before, and edit afterwards.

3. What is the hardest part of writing? 
 Those days when you think - This book is rubbish, it’s muddled and bonkers and pathetic and everyone will hate it. Those days you take off and walk instead!

4. If you could have dinner with one person, who would it be and why? 
Can they be dead? Cleopatra. Love her taste in eye makeup. Or if alive, Doris Lessing. A writer who is truly wise I think.  

Diving In5. What was your first book called and about? 
 Diving In. It’s part of a series of three, and it’s about a girl’s first serious love affair and all the joy, tumult and intensity that involves.

Sea Change6. What is your book Sea Change about? 
 That book is called Mediterranean Holiday in the USA. And in Germany they’ve called it Summer Friend, Summer Fiend, which gives you a clue. Chloe discovers on holiday that her new best friend is not all she’d hoped! But she also has the courage to really become herself and let go of the fakery, and to fall in love …

7. Who and what inspires you? 
 All and everything. Eavesdropping on trains is great for characters and getting the waypeople speak right – their rhythms and patterns. I know lots of different kinds of people – variety is crucial! I love to be out in nature a lot too, walking fast. We moved to the country as I was writing Possessed and it really helped with the pagan stuff …

8. Do you have any pets? If so what are their names? 
 I have a garden full of birds and a pond full of frogs and a very elderly beagle/terrier dog called Scully who’s asleep snoring loudly on the end of my bed right now as I’m writing this. She comes walking with me and I love her to bits even though she may possibly be the most stubborn dog in England.  

9. What is your next book gonna be about? 
 Well, when I sent my UK publishers my idea for a new book (called Witch Crag, a furious brave adventure about Identity set in a dystopian world) they said it was too dark and scary and that Young Adult fiction was ready to move away from all that … so I’m not sure. I still want to write it though.

10. Thank you! What else do you want to say to your fans or have me post? 
Re Question 5: I’ve finally finished the Diving In series, after lots of mail telling me to! I’m publishing Art’s Story myself and getting ready to distribute it via my website It’s told by Art the boyfriend, and you’ll find out if Coll and Art make it together in the end or if they split up for good.

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