Sunday, August 1, 2010

Interview With Author Jacquelyn Mitchard!


Interview-August 2010

1.Do you enjoy writing children book's or young adult book's or adult book's the best?
  I like writing books for young adults and adults best. I think I could get better and writing for children -- since I'm very immature.

2.What author(s) inspires you?  
   Willa Cather and Andrea Barrett are big inspirations. So is Anne Tyler, Scott Turow, Tom Perotta and all the ones I cherish from the past -- Betty Smith ('A Tree Grows in Brooklyn'), Charlotte and Emily Bronte, Rumer Godden ('In This House of Brede'), Thornton Wilder, Wallace Stegner Theodore Dreiser and so many others. Then there are my friends and acquaintances, Judith Guest, Beth Gutcheon, A. Manette Ansay and Lorrie Moore and Connie May Fowler, Tess Gerritsen and Jane Hamilton. They're huge talents.

3.What are your upcoming project's?    
    I have a new novel coming out in June and am thinking of a personal history about a particularly devastating year, also a story about aspiring young actors.

4.Do you have a diary?      
  No diary! I write down things my kids say in a journal.

5.Did you write alot when you where growing up?         
  Yes, I wrote all the time. The first (horrible) poem I wrote was published when I was ten.

6.When's your birthday?
   December 10, the same day as Emily Dickinson.

7.How many book's have you wrote totally?    
  I've written nineteen books for adults, young adults and children.

8.Do you ever get writers block?  
  No, I never do. I can always write -- although badly sometimes.

Look Both Ways9.What is your book Look Both Way's about?      
 One thing that it's about is friendship and first love -- about a girl who wants to break free of her destiny as a shapeshifter and the twins, Mallory and Meredith who are mediums (one can see events of the past, one the future) who want to protect their friend, Eden. It's also about how beautiful people can be evil inside.

10.Thank you!What else would you like to say to your fan's or like me to post?              
  My big ambition is to write a great ghost story.

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