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Interview With Author Karen Tayleur!

July-2010 Interview with Karen Tayleur!

1.How long have you been writing?
My first book was published in 2001 but I have been dabbling with
writing since primary school. I was a copywriter for a couple of years
and dabbled in journalism but writing for children is my passion.

 2.Was your dream to be a author?
No one told me I could be an author so it didn't occur to me — that
only happened for other people. In fact, I would have thought it a bit
presumptuous to even consider it! Instead I tried to make a living out
of writing advertisements, copy for brochures and articles for
newspapers. It was only when opportunity knocked at my door that I
ended up writing a book. I nearly didn't open that door. When I think
about it now, it's a bit scary how I nearly missed that opportunity.

3.In Relate to your book chasing boy's ,Do you think that Girl's really don't have a chance with someone they don't think they have a chance with?
Of course they do.
The point is, be careful about you think you want because it's not
always the best option.

 4.To write book's what gives you that boost of energy to think of
 what you wanna write next?
I have to have the voice of the character in my head for a while.
Once that character has been with me, I hold out for as long as
possible before writing them down.
Nowadays I like to have an ending to work towards, although I won't
always know what the theme of the book is until I start to write it.

 5.Do you express your real life in your book's?
Sometimes I find some of my morals and beliefs coming out of someone's
mouth or I'll use a location that I know, although I may change the
name. It is hard not to use your experiences of life in your work, but
I would never put anyone I know in a book. It's been handy having
teenage kids because I see the things they like, the things they have
to go through at school, the things that are 'in'. I do a lot of
people watching in pubic places and use things I see, such as the way
someone walks, or flicks their hair or laughs.

 6.How long does it take you usually to write a book?
Usually about a year.

7.When you where younger did reading book's expire you to come an author?
Lots of classics because they were the books I had access to.
Enid Blyton
Black Beauty
Treasure Island
Alice in Wonderland
The Katy Series
An Old Fashioned Girl
Anne of Green Gables
Later, at high school, got into sci-fic — John Wyndham, Ray Bradbury —
Jane Austen, the Brontes, Dickens, and every Agatha Christie book. In
year 12 I discovered Stephen King when I supposed to be reading
Chaucers Tales.
At home I went through my Dad's bookcase which had everything from
trash to treasure.
At my grandparents I discovered the guilty pleasure of Mills and Boon.

 8.Many people love your book's and are waiting to read your next one, can you explain an upcoming project?
I am just putting the final touches to a book called Six which is
basically one car, five seatbelts, six people and an accident after a
Year 12 Formal.
Too many people I know have been touched by the road toll.
It's too easy for us to turn away from car wreckage on the nightly news.
The road toll isn't just a number. It indicates the loss of a person
and a ripple effect which will touch many more — parents, siblings,
friends, co-workers.
I guess I just wanted people to think about that.

 9.How do you balance being a author and spending time with your kid's?
When the kids were little I tried to write when they were asleep or
otherwise engaged.
I've written in the car during basketball training, or during music
lessons, or waiting for them to come out of exams.
You just kind of fit the writing in with the rest of your life, I guess.
Just recently I took time of full time work to finish Six and that has
been great.

 10.Is there anything you wanna say to your fan's?
Writing can be a very lonely occupation.
it's fine when you're in the middle of a project, because your
characters can keep you occupied.
But I love to hear back from readers — it makes me feel that it's all
When I think about some of the books that have changed my life — well
I'd love
to have that effect on someone else's life.

Check out more about Karen Tayleur at her website or her blog

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