Saturday, July 24, 2010

Interview with Author Angela Morrison!


1.Do any of your stories relate to your real life problems or etc.?
When I write a novel, everything around me gets sucked into it. My real life problems, past and present, are definitely a part of that. All my characters have to come out of my heart and mind. I use pieces of other people and my imagination to shape the characters, but I give them all their emotions, make decisions for them, and their reactions and actions come from me. Things that are important to me, things that I love, and things that scare me all end up part of the mix.

2.In Your story Taken by Storm, how do Michael and Leesie meet?
Michael's parents are killed when a hurricane hits the dive boat they are all vacationing on. Michael survives the accident. He has to go live with his aging grandmother in the little farming town where I grew up. I made him go to my old high school. Leesie is the only Mormon girl in that school (like I was--except for my sisters)! She can't stop staring at him. It takes two weeks before she finally talks to him.

3.I see on your website you spend alot of time doing other stuff besides being a author. How do you balance all those things?
It's hard. I don't have as much time for all of those things as I used to. I write, write, write, write! I don't even have time to read as much as I'd like to. But I do treat myself to a good book whenever I can.

4.When did you first start writing?
In first grade. Seriously. I decided I'd be a writer as soon as I learned how to do it. I'm not good at multi-tasking, so I waited until my children all in school before I went back to school for my master of fine arts degree in writing. I did that in 2002. I've been writing full-time since I graduated in 2004. I finally landed my first contract in 2008. You should see my stack of rejection letters!

5.What is your upcoming book going to be about?
My next release is UNBROKEN CONNECTION--the sequel to TAKEN BY STORM. It will be out as an ebook in August.  Michael is in Thailand diving his dream. Leesie is at BYU living hers--but they just can't leave each other alone.

6.In You novel Sing Me to Sleep, Can you explain it?
SING ME TO SLEEP is about Beth, who is the ugly girl at school. All the guys call her "The Beast." She's got one friend--a short nerdy boy named Scott. But Beth can sing. When she gets the solo part in the elite girls choir she belongs to, her choir friends decide she needs a massive make-over. They off to Switzerland for the choral Olympics and Beth gets swept off her feet by the gorgeous and talented tenor soloist from the Amabile guys choir just across the border in Canada. Derek makes her feel like she's never felt before. Loved. Cherished. Valued. When she gets home, though, Scott tells her he's always loved her. And Derek starts acting suspiciously. He's got a secret he won't let Beth in on that threatens to tear them apart. 

7.What was your other dream when you where younger besides being a author?
I love to dance. I still wear pink ballet shoes instead of slippers so I can pretend I'm a ballerina.

8.How many book's have you written total?
Five! Two are published, one is coming out next month, and I'm trying to find publishers for the other two.

9.Do you write books at a certain time or whenever time is available?
The best time to write new scenes is in the morning. If I can pick up my lap desk and start scribbling while I'm still kind of dreaming and keep writing like that all morning, I'm a happy writer. Some times I can trick myself into that same place by listening to music or taking a nap or scribbling morning pages.

10.What else would you like to say to your fans?
I would just love to thank you, Autumn, for interviewing me. I appreciate your support and hope your followers enjoy it. I'd be happy to stop by later and answer any questions. 

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