Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Despicable Me 3D Movie!

Poster art for "Despicable Me."

The new movie Despicable Me in 3D is out in theater's!
Here is the trailer of the movie above ^^!
The movie was very good but They needed more 3D part's in the movie!
Despicable Me is about a villain named Gru and his minions that live in a happy and peaceful suburban. Beneath his Dead lawn and black house is a secret hideaway where he is planning the Biggest heist in the world!To do this he has to get his weapon but his enemy  has it so he decide's to adopt 2 little girl's Margo,
Edith and Agnes,to get it from him.What is Gru's Big plan to do to the world?Find out more by checking it out in a theater's by you!Or at the website

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