Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chasing Boys

Chasing Boys By-Karen Tayleur

Chasing Boys is a Great books for teen's to read! From a 1-5 i would rate it 5 the highest!Alot of teens experience the problem in there life that they have a crush on someone and think they would never get the chance to go out with them, that is what this story is about.A girl named EL has to face the fact that her dad left them and there bankrupt.So she as to face 3 main problems- 1.Shes changing from a private school to a public school and need to learn to fit in, 2.  She's moving from a big house to a little house , and 3. Her crush got a girl friend.So, this is El's new life she has to deal with.She meets a boy named Dylan who is a great artist and hides everything from everyone,by keeping to his self.While EL try's everything to get her crush Eric it all goes wrong.

Purchase Chasing Boys in any bookstore by you! It's a great book and you'll love it.Its a Funny, and Heartfelt book for any teen.Check more out on Karen Tayleur's website or her blog!

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