Sunday, June 20, 2010

A interview of author Suzanne Supplee

Questions for interview-JUNE 2010

How long have you been writing?

I’ve been writing since I was a little girl, but I didn’t get truly serious 
about writing until after college.  

What is your fav. food?

Unfortunately, there are so many, and this question makes me feel like I should 
go for a run.  I love southern food, I must admit—fried chicken, cornbread, 
pinto beans—all the delicious things my sweet grandmother used to make.  I also 
love Italian food.  Basically, I like anything with lots of carbs!

describe your new book.

Somebody Everybody Listens To is the story of Retta Lee Jones, a girl with big 
dreams in a small town.  Retta is dying to go to Nashville to pursue a career in 
the music business, but she has no car, no money, and no real support system.  
Still, she does have talent and courage, as it turns out. 

If you lived in a story and you created your own world what would it be 
called and why?

Help!  Let me out of here!  Just kidding.  

I guess I sort of do invent these little worlds, and I spend 3-4 hours every 
morning in my world.

Why did you become a author?

I think I became an author because writing helps me figure things out.  I write 
about the kinds of struggles I’ve had in life.  I write because at the end of 
the day, it’s really the only thing I’m passionate about, other than my husband 
and children, of course.

Why should other people become authors?

I don’t believe it’s a matter of “should” or “shouldn’t.”  Real writers write 
because the have to write.  Even though the world doesn’t really need another 
book or another writer—there are so many, after all—most writers just can’t help 

Do you enjoy being an author?

Absolutely.  It’s great having books published, very exciting and all that.  
However, the best part about being an author is the act of writing, sitting down 
and working for a few hours and then spending the rest of the day feeling like 
you can’t wait to get back to that story you’re working on.  I love it when 
something takes off like this.  I suppose this is why I wrote Somebody. I wanted 
to write about a girl who was truly passionate about something and willing to 
risk everything to pursue that profession.

what is your fav. book?

I have too many favorite books to name, which is probably why I’m a writer.  I 
love to read!  As for my own books, my “favorite” is always the one I’m working 

what would you like to say to your fans?

Thank you!  And, if you like a writer’s book, find him/her on Facebook, send 
him/her an email to say you liked the book. Writing is lonely, and we writers 
love to hear from readers!

What made you write When Irish Guys Are Smiling?

Irish Guys was part of a wonderful series called Students Across the Seven Seas.  
In each book (written by different authors) the protagonist goes to a faraway 
place to study for a semester.  I loved the premise of the series, so I pitched 
the idea of writing about a rural place, in my case the west coast of Ireland.  

You can Check out more about Suzanne Supplee At her website

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