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Merry Christmas! :)

Merry Christmas Everyone! :)

I hope Santa brought everyone good gifts and i hope everybody had a wonderful holiday! :)

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Interview with Author April Henry!

April Henry

Interview- December 2010

1.Where are you from?

Born and raised in Oregon.

2.What is your book, Girl Stolen about?

A blind girl who is waiting for her step mom in the back of a car is accidentally kidnapped when a teenager steals the car.  He panics and takes her home to his dad, who runs an illegal chop shop.  When they figure out her dad is the CEO of a big company, they demand a ransom.  But she realizes they will probably never give her back.  

3.Do you have to travel much concerning your book(s)?

A couple of months ago, I attended a special police academy in North Carolina for writers.  

4.What is your favorite horror book?

It's hard to pick - probably an old Stephen King book.

5.Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

I like so many - Suzanne Collins and Susan Beth Pfeffer are two of my favorites.  They are great are creating other worlds.  

6.What are your upcoming Projects?

I have a book coming out in about a year called The Girl in the Mini Cooper, about a pizza delivery girl who is kidnapped.  

7.How often do you try to update your blog?


8.What are you reading now?

I'm reading The Unidentified.  

9.How long does it take you to write a book?
About nine months.

10. Thank You! What else would you like to say or have me post?

I'm so lucky to be a writer!  It's a dream come true.  

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Week 1.

Question- What are your plans for this Christmas break?

My Answer- My plans are to relax, have fun,hop it snows, enjoy presents, spend time with family, work on blog , etc.

--i want here your answers! post them below by commenting your answer! Enjoy :)

Weekly Question?

Hello everyone,

I am starting a new thing called Weekly Question? Every week on the blog i will post a question. Below
in the comments section you guys can post your answer. I wanna here from everyone!! This is just a fun
thing to do every week! Enjoy, and can't wait to see your answers! :)

Currently Reading!!!

I'm Currently Reading the book "Mostly good girls" By: Leila Sales. So far the book
is great and i'm loving it. Keep checking back everyone to see the review of this book
and see if you want to check it out. Enjoy! :)


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ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas!!!!

ABC Family 25 Days of Christmas!!

Every night on ABC family channel till' December 25 there will be a Christmas movie on! Each night it's a different movie. All the movies are great and one night you should watch one because you'll love it! Check out the 25 days of Christmas website : Bellow i will post the schedule starting today. 

December 19- 5pm/4:00c- Santa Clause is Comin' to Town.
December 20- 8pm/7:00c- Santa Buddies 
December 21- 9pm/8:00c- The Polar Express
December 22- 8pm/7:00c- The Santa Clause
December 23- 8:30pm/7:30c- Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
December 24- 8pm/7:00c-Santa Clause is Comin' to Town
December 25-7pm/6:00c-Dr. Seuss': How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Sugar Sugar!

book cover

Review- December 2010

Hello, everyone.

I finally finished the book Sugar Sugar by author Carole Wilkinson. Sugar Sugar is a bout a girl name Jackie who leaves here hometown Australia, with a dream of becoming a World-Famous fashion designer.She knows where she is going and how she is going to get there but, after a weekend in Paris everything is gone of track. She lost her fashion folio, ends up in a place that isn't even on a map, and lots more. Soon, she finds herself going in a new direction, that she likes and takes her chances in the new direction and hopes it works out. Honestly, when i first started reading it i didn't like that much, but after about 70 pages i started to get into the story and then i loved it. I would rate it a 3 1/2, so i hope you guys at least try to read and enjoy it! You will start to get into it after you start reading so take a chance! Visit the website, to learn more about the artist, book, and more stuff.

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Vote! :)

Hello everyone!

I got a email from Angela Morrison saying her book -SING ME TO SLEEP is a 2010 GoodReads Choice Nominee for YA Fiction!!! And to help with this i need you guys to follow this link and vote for Sing Me To Sleep ( Also, if you voted you need to stop by her blog Cayman Summer (  and let her know you voted you will be entered in her giant blog contest. So help Her out by voting, Anyone can vote!!!!!!!!!!


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Interview with Author April Lindner!


Interview- December 2010

1.As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a writer, though for a while I also wanted to be an artist, an actress, and a tightrope walker—despite the fact that I’m terrified of heights.

2.How long have you been writing?

Ever since I knew how to hold a pencil.  I wrote a novel and a whole lot of poems in elementary school.  My third grade teacher let us write as much as we wanted and draw our own illustrations, and then she bound the whole thing up in a book, which made me feel really famous and important.

3.What is your book "Jane" About?

Jane is a modernization of Jane Eyre.  My Jane is a 19 year old college student forced to drop out of school when her parents die in a car accident.  In desperate need of work and a place to live, she applies to a nanny agency.  Because she’s quiet and serious and not very interested in celebrities or rock music she is chosen to take care of the daughter of Nico Rathburn, a legendary rock star on the brink of a comeback.  Against her will, Jane finds herself attracted to Nico and drawn into the mysterious doings at his estate.

4.What is your favorite horror book?

My favorite is probably Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.  I love the idea of a scientist piecing together a living being out of body parts, and the creature being terrifying and misunderstood.  It’s deliciously creepy but also kind of heartbreaking.

5.What are your upcoming projects?

I’ve been working on a retelling of Wuthering Heights.  It’s set in a night club on the lower east side of Manhattan, and the Heathcliff character is a punk rocker.

6.If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in any of your books?

Probably.  I try not to let myself think about that, though.  The books are already out there, and I have to let them go and be whatever they are. 

7. Thank you!! What else would you like to say or have me post?

You’re very welcome; this was fun.  I hope readers who haven’t yet experienced Jane Eyre will give it a try and fall in love with Jane and Mr. Rochester the way I did.

Check out more about Author April Lindner by visiting her website at-!!

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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!!!

Hello, I would like to Wish Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! 
Have A great Day with family and Friends 
and a great home cooked meal!
Also, What do you Give Thanks For?
 Tell us below What You Give Thanks
For by leaving a comment! 
We would Love to hear from everybody! 

Welcome are new assistant Tasha!

Hello Everyone!

I would like to welcome are new assistant to Review Blog 101 Tasha!She is are 1st
Assistant at Review Blog 101.She also has a Blog called Princess Reviews! Check it out at-

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Avalon High - movie Review

The new Disney Channel movie, Avalon High is most definatley a must see for all ages! Allie has recently moved to a new school, where she starts having severer dreams about her riding a horse in midevil times. Through a school project, she learns about the Order of The Bear, the thought that King Arthor will one day be reincarnated. When she asks her parents about it (her parents wrote the textbook they are using in school), she finds out that the Order of the Bear is the whole reason they moved here! Upon discovering a secret page in the book, she finds out the reincarnation will happen that Friday night, at the school football game, during an eclipse and metor shower, something that only happens once every thousand or so years. But who she thinks is Arthur, and who she thinks is Mordred, are not who they are.
To find out who is who, check out Avalon High, now playing on Disney Channel!

Shake It Up!

Shake It Up is a new Disney Channel hit television show about two 13-year-old girls, CeCe and Rocky who are the new background dancers on their favorite TV show, Shake It Up, Chicago!. It's all about them going through normal teenage problems in life: not having cell phones, having to watch an annoying little brother, not having any money, etc. - and how they get through it. With tons of great dance moves everyone can dance along too, this show is sure to be a hit! So Shake your way over to watch Shake It Up today!
       A new Shake it Up comes on every Sunday on Disney Channel!

Joann I. Martin Sowles Interview!

Interview - November 2010

1. Which genre would you classify you're books as being?

Young Adult Paranormal Romance

2. How would you describe the target audience for your books?
Although it’s classified as young adult, anyone who loves vampires would enjoy the series.

3. Do you enjoy being an author?

4. What is the best part about being an author?
Readers loving the book. I love hearing how much people are enjoying Laney and how happy it makes them.

5. Why did you decide to start writing?
I couldn’t find a book to fill the need I had. It seemed that at the end of each book I read it was missing what I was looking for. So I wrote what I wanted. I wrote what was missing.

6 What is something you did not know before you started writing?
A whole heck of a lot! I have learned so much from writing and publishing Laney. I could probably write a book on it…. Maybe I will. LOL!

7 Do you do any research on any of your books' subjects?
Yes. I read a ton of vampire books, fiction and non-fiction, while I was still working on Laney’s story in my head. I also did quite a bit of online searching for things here and there too.

8 Where do you get your ideas?
My ideas come from everywhere. I can be reading a book, watching a show or movie or even listening to music and an entire scene will pop into my head. People watching is another great place for me to get ideas.

9 If you could have one of your characters over for dinner, who would you pick and why?
I would pick Felix because he is so fascinating to me. I can’t go into too much detail about him yet but he’s been around for some time now and he has lots of great stories. Plus he always has candy.

10. Who is your favorite author?
I don't have a favorite author, I have several favorite series. If I like a series I will follow it to the end, but that doesn’t mean I will read anything that author writes. I like a specific genre and I rarely stray from it. The top five book series I absolutely love (meaning I’d read them over & over) are: Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, Rachel Caine’s Morganville Vampires, Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle & Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga.

To  check out more about Joann, visit her website at , her facebook at, and her twitter at @joannsowles

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Interview with Author Catherine Ryan Hyde!

Interview- November 2010

1.Where is your hometown?

Buffalo, NY.  I lived there until I was 17, then went out on my own.   
I lived in NYC briefly, and in L.A. for 12 years, before moving to the  
small California town where I now live.

2.Why did you name your dog Ella? (I like your video alot!!)

Thank you!  I named her after a character, Ella Ginsberg, in my first  
novel, Funerals For Horses.  Not because she's like Ella Ginsberg in  
any way.  Just because I liked the name.

3.I see you like to travel places, Where do you want to go next?

I have my eye on Alaska, Yellowstone National Park, and the railroad  
to the top of Pike's Peak.

4.What are your upcoming projects?

I have an adult novel called Don't Let Me Go coming out in the Fall of  
'11 from TransWorld, my UK publisher.  And I'm working on another for  
TransWorld for '12.  I hope to have another YA with Knopf, too, but  
nothing definite yet.

5.What is your book "The Day I Killed James", about?

It's about a teenage girl who blames herself for the suicide of a  
young man whose heart she carelessly broke.  (More info: 

6.Tell your fans how to get a free signed bookmark?

Sure, You just go to my webpage at 
and there you'll find instructions on where to send a self- 
addressed, stamped envelope.  I'll always send free signed bookplates,  
too, and I'll personalize either on request.

7.In your book "Diary Of a Witness", why is it that everything that  
happened to his family members was his fault?

I'm not sure it really was Will's fault, most of it.  I was more  
indicating that he took it on as being his fault.  I think we all tend  
to do that, and I think Will blames himself more than most.

8.If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

Jean Brody, the author of Gideon's House, A Coven of Women and Cleo  
was my first mentor, and very key in my progress as a writer.  I still  
know some other authors, but it's more like "peer mentorship."  We're  
more at the same level and we sometimes trade places with who is  
mentoring who.

9.When and why did you begin writing?

I was a sophomore in high school.  Here's a blog post that tells that  
story in a way that's probably better than I would do here.  And it's  
a good introduction to my blog, for those who aren't familiar with  

10. Thank you!! What else would you like to say or have me post?

I'd like to say that my newest young adult release is Jumpstart the  
World, and that readers can learn more about it here:

To check out more About Author Catherine Ryan Hyde, visit her website at- or/and her blog at-

Interview with Author Shana Norris!

Shana Norris

Interview- November 2010

1.As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

At first, I wanted to be a teacher because I liked pretending I was the teacher and making my younger brothers and sister be the students. (I was ALWAYS the teacher. I'll admit I was a little bit bossy as a kid, my right as being the oldest in the family, lol!) Then my career dreams changed to things like ballerina, rock star, and archaeologist. Around age 10, I realized that some people made their living writing books and so I decided I wanted to be a writer one day and that was my goal from that point on!

2.In your book "Something to Blog About", How does Libby's blog posts get posted over the whole world to see?

Well, I'll just say that Libby has an arch-nemesis named Angel who makes it her goal in life to make Libby as miserable as possible. So it has to do with Angel, but exactly how it happens is a secret revealed in the book!

3.Do you have a favorite book?And what is it?

The one I would probably list as number one favorite is Emily Climbs by L.M. Montgomery. It's the second in her Emily series and it's always been my favorite. I've always related much more to Emily of New Moon than to Anne of Green Gables, though I loved the Anne books too. But I've read Emily's struggle to become a writer so many times that my copy of the book is falling apart.

4.Do you have any advice for other writers?

Don't let rejection or bad feedback get you down! It is SO easy to become convinced that you'll never make it and let yourself give up. During the time that I was trying to find an agent, the one thing that kept me going was the thought that if I gave up right then, I'd never know if maybe the next query letter I sent out would have been the one that got me an agent. Keep pushing through the hard times and believe in yourself!

5.What are your upcoming projects?

I don't have any definite releases to mention because we're in the submission phase at the moment, but I am working on several different projects. I have something that's similar to Troy High and Something to Blog About, in that it's a humorous romance, but then I'm also working on a project that's completely different. Hopefully soon I'll have some details I can release!

6.How long have you been writing?

I wrote my very first book when I was 8 years old. It was called The Lonely Rectangle and it was terrible! But after that I kept writing down new stories and making up new characters all the time. I filled tons and tons of notebooks as a kid and teen with stories. So I've been writing for 22 years now, though I seriously started trying to get published around age 20, so only 10 years since I became really serious about writing.

7.What is your book "Troy High" About?

Troy High is a modern day retelling of the the Trojan War, focused mostly on the events in The Iliad. I've always loved the Helen of Troy story and I was struck one day by how easily it could fit into a high school setting. I come from a small Southeastern US town where high school football is serious business and our schools have deep rivalries (I still hear comments from time to time whenever I happen to meet someone who went to my school's rival, even though I graduated high school 12 years ago!). So I decided to turn those experiences into a modern day Trojan War.

8.Do you enjoy Blogging?

I do, though I'm very slacking in updating my blog these days! I still have a day job and I'm writing, so my blog gets pushed aside a little. I've been keeping an online journal/blog since the age of 16--that was way back in 1996. So half of my life has been online, though I don't write as much as I used to. I tend to update my Twitter and Facebook more often than my blog these days because it's short and quick.

9.Do you see writing as a long- or short-term career?

Long-term, hopefully! I'd love to switch to writing full-time and make a career out of it. I love hearing from readers and sharing the characters that live in my head with everyone!

10.Thank you!What else would you like to say or have me post?

Thanks so much for the interview! 

To check out more about Author Shana Norris Visit her website at- or her blog at-

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Assistants Needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Blog List!!!!

Hello Everyone,

I want to tell you guys again about the Blog List. It is a list
on the website, to put blogs on it. I do the list for other 
websites will be check out by my viewers/fans/followers.
To be put on the list it's as easy as emailing me at and telling me why you
want to be on the list, and your blog URL.

Currently Reading!!!

Hello Everyone,

I want to keep all my fans updated on what i'm reading currently. So i'm Currently reading
"Sugar Sugar" By:Carole Wilkinson. Right now it is good and i try to read it everyday!
So keep checking back, to see the review of "Sugar Sugar" and check it out!

Interview with Author Kimberly Pauley!

Interview- October 2010

1.What did you see change from your first book to your newer books?
A lot! When I originally wrote the book, Mina was 17 going on 18 and a senior in high school, but my publisher wanted me to make her younger. So once that changed, it also changed what would have to happen in the second book. So the second book was really entirely different than it would have been. Also, I used the feedback I got from fans extensively in deciding what questions needed to be answered and what characters needed their stories continued in the second book. If I get to write a third one, I'm sure I'll be doing the same thing.

2.What inspires you?
Oh, everything! I know that sounds silly, but you never know what's going to hit you. It could be a news article (I save clippings) or something someone says or someone you see on the street. I play the "what if" game with myself a lot.

3.What college did you attend?
The University of Florida in Gainesville. I have a Bachelors in English.

4.What language do you prefer your books to be in, English or Spanish?
Well, I guess I'd have to say English since it's my main language, but I think it is SO awesome that the books have been translated into Spanish (and other languages). The second one is coming out in November and I can't wait to see it.

5.Do any of your books have events you experienced in your hometown in it?
Yes, in the second book Mina moves to a small town in Louisiana. I moved to a small town in Mississippi when I was a junior in high school. Some of the things that Mina sees there came directly from my life (like the cow patty bingo).

6.What are your upcoming projects?
I've just finished a book called "Cat Girl Saves the Day" and my agent has it now. No status on it yet, but hopefully he'll sell it soon! And I hope to make a third Mina book.

7.What is your book Sucks to Be Me, about?
It's about a girl who's parents are vampires and she has to decide (in only a month's time) whether or not she wants to be one too. She has to attend vampire classes. But, at the same time, she's going through all the normal teenager stuff (like stressing about boys and prom).

8.How did you come up with the title to your book ,Sucks to Be Me?
The original title was actually "This Bites" but when I was sending it out to agents and editors, a bunch of books came out with similar titles. So once I sold the book, my editor and I tossed ideas back and forth. Ultimately, the credit for the title goes to my editor (she's awesome!).

9.Have you ever thought of writing a kid's book?
Yes. I've actually got one picture book manuscript finished, but haven't really tried to sell it yet. Maybe someday!

10.Thank You!! What else would you like to say or have me post?

Thank you! 

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Cayman Summer!!

Angela Morrison's Third book to Taken Storm will be called "Cayman Summer". 
Above ^ is the Cover to "Cayman Summer" and the Date the Novel will come out 
is not yet known. Check out the Novel's website -  
              To Find out when the Novel comes out, and to see revised scenes,Half baked poems, and more.

Swoon At Your Own Risk!

Title- Swoon At Your Own Risk
Author- Sydney Salter

This book is a very Amazing book to read. It tells a Fantastic story about a girl named Polly that goes through alot. 
"Swoon At Your Own Risk" is about A girl named Polly Martin, who goes through alot of dating disasters through her junior year of school and can't take it no more. So This summer she has sworn off boys. Polly wants to focus on getting through her Summer job at Wild Waves Western-themed Water park with happening to work with her Ex Sawyer Holmes. She is gonna finally focus on her self for once. Also, her Grandma also know as, Miss Swoon from her advice columns in the newspaper, moves in. So this summer Polly goes through alot of things like, Going camping with 3 ex's and the guy she likes, trying to stop herself from falling in love with new and improved Xander Cooper, and trying to not let boys get involved with her relationship with her best friend Jane. 
Go check out "Swoon At Your Own Risk" at your nearest book store, etc.   

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Interview with Author Teresa Toten!

                          Interview- October 2010

1.What is your favorite food?

I I adore Thai food, the fragrance, the full flavours and the spiciness, a close 
second is Indian food!

 2.When you were younger why, did you know you weren't gonna be a writer?

As much as I read as a little girl, I don't think I ever made the connection 
that "real live people" actually wrote those books I was reading and that it was 
a job just like being a lawyer or a waitress.  My early world was almost 
exclusively made up of hard working immigrants who all had  2 or 3 "jobs" none 
of which had anything to do with "writing" for a living.  I've often said that I 
thought wanting to be a writer would have been as an outrageous a goal as 
wanting to be a mermaid.

 Me and the Blondes
3.In your book Me And The Blondes, Why did Sophie want to keep her crazy 
family life secret from everyone?

I think Sophie was socially savvy enough to know that loud, colourful, crazy 
ladies (her Aunties and her mother) with loud and crazy opinions about 
everything was not going to fly in the new world of a "rich" and super cool high 
school.  She certainly knew from painful experience that as soon as anyone found 
out that her father was in prison, she was dropped and mocked mercilessly.  She 
learned. . .

 Piece By Piece
4.What is your book Piece By Piece about?

Piece by Piece is a collection of 14 amazing stories by 14 brilliant Canadian 
writers who were born in other countries.  They each write about coming to 
Canada and trying to "fit in".  The stories are funny, heartbreaking, inspiring 
and absolutely honest.  The writers come from all over the world and they each 
had a very different way of trying to fit into Canada.  I truly feel that their 
stories should be on every classroom shelf in the country. 


5.What are your upcoming projects?

The third and final of the "Blonde books," Beyond Blonde will be out this coming 
in the spring which is very exciting and at the same time a bit sad for me.  I 
came to love those characters very, very much.  Saying goodbye to them has been 
shockingly hard.  After that I'll be writing a book with the very popular and 
wonderful writer, Eric Walters.  It will be called The Taming!

 6.Where do you hope to take your writing in the future?

I always love to do things I've never tried before.  That's why I've done 1 
picture book (Bright Red Kisses), 1 junior fiction (The Onlyhouse), 1 short 
story (Father's Day in a collection called Secrets), 1 YA literary novel (the 
Game),  1 trilogy (the Blonde books) 1 editor experience (Piece by Piece) and 
now 1 (collaboration)--you get the idea.  I think I love being terrified and on 
a knife's edge throughout the entire writing process.  It keeps the writing  
very alive and fresh and yes, scary for me.  I'd like to try my hand at a 
mystery sometime soon too.

 7.What were your feelings when your first novel was accepted/when you first 
saw the cover of the finished product?

Aside from the birth of my two daughters, I have never been more thrilled than I 
was when I heard that my first book was going to be published.  I was crazy with 
joy!   The editor, the marvellous Tim Wynne-Jones called me while I was having a 
school meeting at my house.  All these women were shocked to hear me screaming 
at the telephone and jumping up and down.

 8.When did you write your first book and how old were you?
I was lucky in that the first book I wrote (The Onlyhouse) was also the first 
book published.  I wrote it while attending a Writing For Children Workshop with 
Peter Carver as the teacher. I started writing it in my mid-thirties.

 9.If you had to choose, which writer would you consider a mentor?

In the brilliant world of children's literature, when I started out, I was 
inspired by Brian Doyle, Robert Cormier, Kit Pearson, Martha Brooks, Sarah 
Ellis, Tim Wynne Jones, Kathy Kacer and for sure Susan Juby, just to name a very 
few!  Plus, I love, love, love the calibre and excitement of the most recent 
crop of new writers in Canada.  We really have an exciting wealth of writing 
talent in this country.  I get re-inspired by all the western canon (ie. Tolstoy 
and Dickens) as well as by modern memoir writers, spare clean poetry and by 
great television writing.  All those writers were and are my mentors, even 
though they will never know it.

 10.Thank you!! What else would you like to say, or have me post?

Most days, I think I am the luckiest creature in the world in that I get to do, 
what I do, in the way I want to do it.  Being a children's writer is an 
unbelievable privilege--corny but so, so true!

Check out more about Author Teresa Toten, at her website-!!